Monday, December 2, 2013


Hello Race Fans,
          Keep your eyes peeled here as I'll be posting any "LEGIT" Paid Survey sites and other such $ MONEY MAKING " from home ideas that I come across on my journey. Remember, what we cannot do alone, we can do together! So don't be selfish and we can all make a living! Virtual living? LOL. Thanks. Here is one of my current favorite Paid Survey sites. It is totally Legit as far as I can tell. I've been doing it for about one month now as I write this. 
Try it and Let me know what you guys think:  

Peace out,
Rich aka $DADDY RICH$

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year !!!!!! from $ Daddy Rich $

First of all, i'd just like to say the the HISTORY CHANNEL is kicking butt this year and hope it continues to kick in 2011!!!!!! Man there is some GREAT programing on there. Kudos to you all and the HC!!!!!!!
Happy new year to all of you out there in bloggy land. I wish you all good luck in your online endeavors.
I'll hopefully be doing another Decent giveaway here at : VERY SOON!
Not sure want exactly, but most likely some Gift Cards or some Cash! What's better than that aye???????

So i was just wondering if any of you had any interesting stories from the holidays you'd like to share just for fun????? If so comment away!!!!!!!
and PS. HAPPY NEW YEAR and lets make this a good one!!!!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

CONGRATS Winner Felicia K. of $35.00 CSN Giveaway

Congrats to FELICIA K !!!!! You Have won $35 CSN Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've just emailed you and you have 48 hours to Respond via EMAIL or Comment
to claim your prize!!!!!
I'll try to keep em coming!!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

NBC The Sing Off - Street Corner Symphony VOTE!

Howdy yall,
I've a special favor to ask of you all who have just a small spare moment. A couple good acquaintances/friends of mine have made it to the final round of NBC's The SING OFF!!! It's like American IDOL except with no music or instrumentation. VOCALS ONLY! It's airs on Monday Dec 20th (same day my giveaway ends what a coincidence).
The 2 fellows i know are Jeremy Lister and Richie Lister. They are in the singing group called: STREET CORNER SYMPHONY
here's a picture:
Handsome gents aye?!
PLEASE vote for them. Tell you what, on Scout's honor, if you VOTE for these fellow and leave a comment below on the $35 CSN giveaway I'll allow you even ONE more additional entry!!!! Or if you want to VOTE just out of the kindness of your heart, these kids REALLY and Truely deserve it and NEED YOUR HELP NOW!!!! You can watch on the NBC site or YouTube if you need convincing!!!!!
SO to vote there are 3 methods:
2. Call this number toll Free: 877-674-6402 (877-6-SING-02)
3. TEXT (no extra charges apply) the number 2 to 97979
remember it is FREE that's right FREE to Vote and you are allow
10 VOTES per method per person!!!!! Only standard call and text charges apply
(as if you were calling or texting a friend)

So there you have it!!! Please help out my buddies. The competition is fierce. Thanks so much all you in BLOG land!!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

My Ren and Stimpy Theme Song COVER on YouTube

Just thought I'd share this video with you all for a random laugh!
I recorded this in my bedroom and played the drums, bass, guitar, and screamed "You stupid, bloated, Ediot!"all myself! (light applause)
Ha, and i can't believe how many views it's gotten! Wish MY original songs would get some views like this. Oh well, I'll take what i can get. It got so many hits google contacted me asking if i wanted to sign up to get paid for advertising on the Video but i couldn't do it since I don't REALLY have legal permission to have it posted. Opps.
Anyways, check it out yall. It's good for a quick chuckle.
If you like it PLEASE pass it along to your friends, enemies, whoever! HA!

My First CSN Stores Giveaway ENTER !!!


How would you like to enter to win a $35 Gift Code to CSN?
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To Enter, Mandatory:
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Thanks and Good Luck! Giveaway ends in one week on December 20 at 12Midnight!

have fun!
- $DR$