Monday, December 13, 2010

My Ren and Stimpy Theme Song COVER on YouTube

Just thought I'd share this video with you all for a random laugh!
I recorded this in my bedroom and played the drums, bass, guitar, and screamed "You stupid, bloated, Ediot!"all myself! (light applause)
Ha, and i can't believe how many views it's gotten! Wish MY original songs would get some views like this. Oh well, I'll take what i can get. It got so many hits google contacted me asking if i wanted to sign up to get paid for advertising on the Video but i couldn't do it since I don't REALLY have legal permission to have it posted. Opps.
Anyways, check it out yall. It's good for a quick chuckle.
If you like it PLEASE pass it along to your friends, enemies, whoever! HA!

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