Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm happy with my first GiveAway so far.......

I am very pleased with the responce so far to my first Giveaway. Thanks for entering and if you are just now reading this and haven't yet....ENTER for goodness sakes!!! It's coffee for cryin' out loud!
I was looking around my room today while working and came across a couple of really neat items that'd be good for Giveaways. SO this is just the beginning.
AND hopefully next month I'll be doing my first CASH Giveaway!!!!!!! Yes that's right folks CASH MONEY GIVEAWAY!!!!
And make sure to also follow my wife's BLOG (you probably came HERE from her blog most of you, THANKS hun) as SHE wil ALSO be doing a CASH MONEY GIVEAWAY As WELL!!!!!!
(but she doesn't know it yet, shhhhhhhh)
here is HER BLOG The Dalai MaMa and she calls herself MeeYeeHere.

So thanks Wife! and Thanks everyone for the Warm welcome. Like i said, tell all your friends to come by the blog at: as there will be some Good giveaways here they won't want to miss and just some plain ole' good Blogging.
peace for now,

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